About Us

About Codee

Our Company provides Consulting Services and House Software Development for over 15 years, which has given us experience in creating Web and Mobile projects for startups, industries, consultancy firms and agencies

Our mission is to advise and develop WEB and MOBILE applications using the most modern and effective technologies and methodologies available.
We want to be a point of reference for the creation and development Startups and SAAS and PAAS projects in our sector.
The mains values orienting the activities in our company are commitment, ethics and innovation offered to our clients, employees and partners.

Customer Services

We are prepared to provide a wide range of services in our sector like: social media, general WEB applications, websites, e-commerce, marketplaces, apps, autonomous systems and integrated systems that satisfy the quality standards demanded in the market.



Java with Spring, PHP with Zend Framework or Laravel e .NET C#.

Oracle, MySQL e SQLServer and NoSQL bases.

HTML 5/ CSS 3, responsive, Javascript, jQuery, React and Angular.

API Rest, Restful, XML and JSON

WordPress, Magento, Moodle etc.


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